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Podcast SciFi Series Stranger Things Evolves

Posted by Thomas Gideon on May 30, 2008

Earl Newton the creator of the amazing podcast only, video science fiction anthology series, Stranger Things, shared his big news today. I was at this live event this past weekend and if you missed it, you missed a hell of a well put together shindig.

I remember when I first heard of Stranger Things on Slice of SciFi. I was skeptical at first. Sturgeon’s law is as in effect with podcasting as anything else so news of a new show is a gamble. I heard some good buzz, though, before I finally watched my first episode. In this case, that word of mouth excitement was spot on. I was blown away by that first story and every one since, including the sneak peek to which we were treated at the Singularity event at Balticon.

I had a chance to catch up with Earl at the event and after. I expressed my appreciation not only for the wonderful production values, explaining how I felt they were well worth the longer release cycles on the episodes, but also how much I really enjoyed the distinctive editorial character of the series. He expressed his gratitude and explained that the consistent vision was very intentional. I was glad to hear it as that fact pretty much guarantees I will enjoy every episode he produces, based solely on his track record to date.

My household is on satellite and doesn’t get Illusion, the VOD channel that is picking up Stranger Things. I was delighted at Earl’s insistence during his announcement that the podcast will continue the same as before. The implication was clear that he could not have succeeded so well without his original audience and was not going to abandon us any time soon. For both the existing and the new audience, what the support from Illusion really means is that once the logistics are established, Earl and crew will be able to put episodes out on a much more regular schedule.

Earl shared that this transition will require a bit more patience but I think it will be worth the wait. I’ve spoken with him a bit about the next two episodes after The Latchkeepers. I would crawl across broken glass if that meant I got to see them. Waiting a bit longer until he gets settled into his new production arrangement should not be anywhere near as big a sacrifice.

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One Response to “Podcast SciFi Series Stranger Things Evolves”

  1. The awesomeness has only begun, sir, and thank you for helping to spread the word.

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